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Movers and Shakers: What’s NYC really like?

March 24, 2022

New York is a melting pot of culture, personality, and good vibes! We’re incredibly proud (and lucky) to have an office there, and we’re excited to share with you our “A-Z” of everything NYC related, from the average rent price if you’re relocating with us, or just to know how to ramp up your street style on the weekends, you’ll find it all here. 

Movers and Shakers: What’s NYC really like?
What’s the city like?


New York is vast, from the decadence and bustle in Manhattan, through to the unbelievable restaurant scene in Queens, there is something for everyone in New York. The population is dense, with over 8million people living in NYC alone, which surpasses other “flagship” cities such as LA and Austin. 


Most people who move out to NYC tend to live in Brooklyn. Bed-Stuy, Fort Green, and Williamsburg are all great locations that have great bars and restaurants, geared more to ex-pats.


NYC has been cited as the “cultural capital of the world” by multiple publications and online sources, and we couldn’t agree more. It’s the concrete jungle of opportunity, and if you like a chaotic, busy city (with pockets of peace and greenery) then NYC is for you. 


Average rent price?


Rent in NYC is notoriously expensive, with even small studios and 1-bedroom flats exceeding the $2,000 a month. We found a great resource here which breaks down not only the boroughs, but their specific areas and the average rent prices within them. 


Depending on your budget, you may find it easier to rent with housemates instead of taking the brunt of monthly rent on your shoulders straight away! If you have more budget to play with, then you will have more choice across some of the more central boroughs in the “thick” of it. 


Weather (and the wardrobe)


NYC experiences all four seasons in their extremities. Snow in the winter, blistering cold winds in the Autumn, through to boiling hot springs and summers, NYC is a catwalk for some of the best fashion globally. If you need some inspiration, follow @watchingnewyork on Instagram. The photographer captures NYC street style nearly every single day!


Culture and food


NYC can cater to any dietary requirement, budget, cuisine, and portion size! 

Some of our favourites are…



Religion and faith


NYC is incredibly multicultural and has local Mosques, Buddhist temples, Hindu temples, Orthodox churches, Christian churches, Catholic churches, and Synagogues. 

From an accessibility perspective, these are all dotted around the city and enable individuals to practice their faith whilst living in NYC!


Getting outdoors

Aside from the world-famous Central Park, NYC is packed full of outdoor activities (most of which are inexpensive and easy to access). See some of our favourites here.

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March 25, 2022

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